Combellack Blair House

Built in 1895 by William Hill Combellack in Placerville, California, this home is on the National Register of Historic Places.

According to its entry on the Register, the picket fence is a replication of the original fence, and much of the trees and plants on the ground are believed to be original to the home.

Combellack, who owned a clothing store on Main Street, lived here with his family for 29 years. Arthur J. Blair and his family bought the house in 1924, where they lived for 50 years.

Both Combellack and Blair were pioneer settlers during the Gold Rush era and both families became successful merchants. Combellack’s store remained in business from 1888-2019, with five generations of family members at the helm.

Meanwhile, the Blair family established a sawmill and lumberyard, which continued until 1984.

Thomas Kinkade, who grew up in Placerville, painted the house in his work “Victorian Christmas.” He felt the house was the kind that “begged to be painted.”

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