Culver-Coil House

Who doesn’t love a pink house on Won’t Look Wednesday?

Built in 1883, this Woodland, Calif., was erected for C.B. Culver.

Leroy and Mary Freeman Coil bought the house in 1898. Mary was in the first graduating class of Cooper Medical College, which later became Stanford University School of Medicine. (Go Mary!) She later had a medical practice in Woodland.

Leroy, a farmer, was the son of Charles Coil, who was one of the first farmers to raise grain in Yolo County.

After Mary died in 1909, Charles married Susie Price, who survived him and continued living here. Susie left the house to her sister, Bessie Hoppin, after her 1943 death.

Bessie’s son, Price, was its next owner. A Yolo County farmer, he later became a real estate broker. He lived there with his wife, Martha, and the couple raised four children here. Price died in 1982 and Martha continued living here for five additional years before selling the house to Teri and Steve Laugenour.

The house was greatly damaged by fire in its upper story and rear portion in 2002, and Jere and Kay Hohenwarter bought the property, rebuilding the damaged portions to restore its architectural integrity. It was completed in 2005 and sold the next years to its present owners.

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