Leon H. Jacox House

Leon Hamilton Jacox, who owned a furniture and upholstery store with his brother, was an early owner of this 1894-built Sacramento Victorian.

Jacox, who co-owned Jacox Bros., was also a supporter of a new cemetery in town, which was warranted after a 1904 flood. A newspaper story at the time quoted him as saying ” “I believe a modern lawn cemetery, with a good crematory, will be a necessity within the next few years. Recent high waters has (sic) shown that all the desirable portion of the city cemetery is already occupied. No finer location could be secured than the one under discussion. It is far enough from the city, yet near enough for the purpose.” (Source: Volcom News)

This house and all its beautiful detail is listed on Sacramento Register of Cultural and Historic Places. It is home to a law office and a community theater with the cutest name: The Thistle Dew Dessert Theater.

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