Holcom-Craig-Blevins House

San Francisco architect Thomas J. Welch designed this Woodland, California house, built in 1886.

Several prominent Woodland residents have lived here, including W.D. Holcom, who came to Yolo County in 1873 and was elected county Recorder in 1879. In 1890, Holcom sold the house to Joseph Craig, a Missouri native who arrived in California in 1852.

Craig was a successful miner and inventor in Nevada County where he patented the “Globe” and “Little Giant” hydraulic mining machines, which revolutionized the industry. He later became an attorney and State Senator representing San Francisco.

Craig settled in Woodland in 1878, married Kate Stephens (daughter of banker John Stephens, who lived in a mansion across the street and was elected District Attorney in 1883).

In 1905, Dr. William J. Blevins Sr., one of the founders of the Woodland Clinic bought the house with his wife, Stella, and they lived here through 1924.

While the house is now well-preserved, it was officially condemned as being “unfit for human habitation” in 1955.

The current owners, Chris and Peter Holmes, renovated the home. It received the city’s Heritage Home award in 1998.

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