Lowe Blevins House

Built in 1905, this three-story Georgian Colonial Revival home in Woodland, California, belonged to Thomas and Frances Lowe. It was designed by San Francisco architecture firm Meyer and O’Brien.

Thomas was the son of E.R. Lowe, and along with his brother, William, were all farming on their properties.

In 1941, Dr. William Joseph Blevins Jr. and his wife, Vivian, bought the house. Dr. Blevins Jr. was born in another house on this street, spent his childhood at another house on the same road (to be featured soon), and died in this home, having lived most of his life on First Street.

The Blevins’ raised three daughters — Sue, Sally and Carol — in this house. Blevins Jr. joined his father in the W.J. Blevins Medical Group in 1934 and practiced there for 40 years, retiring in 1977.

Since 1999, Sally Blevins has owned the home, which has been in the family around 70 years. The home has remained unchanged, except for a portion of the carriage house which was converted to an art studio by Sally.

The house received the city’s Heritage Home award in 1990.

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