John Bartoll House

This double house in Marblehead, Mass., was built for shoreman John Bartoll in 1755.

“It is a 2-story center entrance house with another bay containing a stairhall to the right,” reads its entry in the MACRIS database. “The right side with staircase seems earlier and has finished beams with the post 1720-type mortise and tenon joint. The original first floor fireplace was much larger than it is at present. The existing fireplace and paneled wall may date from about 1750.

“The left side has a straight run staircase and a passage way leading to the kitchen. Beams were originally exposed and finished but were later sheathed in, possibly when Federal mantles were appliqued on to the fireplace walls. The kitchen fireplace was probably added on to the side of the earlier stack. At the same time, the kitchen ell may have been placed over the passage way (laid out in the 1770’s division) between this house and the house where John Bartoll lived, which was torn down.”

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