Brye House

We’re taking you back to Auburn, California (home of those darling firehouses we posted last month).

During our long walk there, we also stopped by the Brye House, built in 1882.

The plaque outside relayed its history: “This Colonial Revival home was originally constructed by Charles L. Simons. Simons came to Auburn in 1850 to try his hand at gold mining but eventually became owner of a saloon in town.

The home was sold in 1901 to Fred Brye, a well-known local butcher. Brye and his family lived in the home for 20 years and made significant improvements, including the iron fence that surrounds the property today.

In the 1940s, the house was converted into a 12-unit apartment house. The building was restored to a single family residence in 1969, but only two years later, it was converted into a restaurant.

The property later became a Christmas store, and most recently, an office building.

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