Cary Memorial Building

Located in downtown Lexington, Massachusetts, the Cary Memorial Building was built in 1927.

Susanna Cary and her sister, Eliza Cary Farnham, funded the building which is dedicated to their father, Isaac Harris Cary (1803-1881).

The interior plaque reads “Commemorates his interest in the early history of Lexington, his assistance to young men in improving their conditions in life and his desire to promote the intellectual and moral growth of this community which both father and daughters loved.”

The Cary Educational Fund trustees were instructed to secure a site in Lexington and erect a
fireproof building suitable for the safe storage and exhibition of relics. The building was to also contain a hall adapted for lectures and public meetings.

According to the MACRIS database, “Inside, the Hall is graced with a proscenium stage, arched windows, Corinthian pilasters and other Colonial details. It includes seating for 780, with approximately half of the seating on the floor and half on the mezzanine level. Cary Hall was designed for perfect acoustics and the chairs and tables were made to order by a master craftsman from birds-eye maple using timbers from an ancient mill in New Hampshire. Cary
Memorial Hall has provided the community with a year round site musical programming and popular events for more than eighty years.”

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