Byrns-Morris House

Missouri pioneer John Byrns crossed the plains into California in 1850, settling in Yolo County in 1862.

He was a cattle rancher, farmer and eventually operated a livery business in Woodland, California, where this house is located. Byrns built this house — it was originally a two-story wooden Victorian — in 1870, and shortly before his 1883 death, began building a hotel on Main Street. The hotel was completed after his death and named the Byrns Hotel in his honor.

Byrns’ house was purchased by Asa W. Morris, who remodeled the exterior to Mission Revival in 1912. Morris arrived from Pennsylvania in 1879 and owned farmland and a dairy, which was renowned for its fine herd of Holsteins.

One of his cows held world’s record for milk produced in one year: 28,066 pounds.

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