Henry J. Hosmer House

This is the sad sack face I give when we have to walk in the rain. Better than being inside, but also… wet.

Built around 1875 by Henry J. Hosmer, this Concord, Mass., house was in close proximity to Hosmer’s family members. His sister, Martha Harlow, lived on nearby Elm Street, while his daughter, Florence Whiting, lived with her husband right next door.

363 Main St., Concord

Hosmer was a prominent businessman in Concord during the last part of the 19th century. He was in the dry goods business until 1863 and later became the treasurer and general manager of the American Powder Mills in West Concord, and treasurer of Middlesex Institution of Savings. (His son-in-law, Charles Brown wound up taking his post at the bank later on.)

Hosmer also served as town selectman, trustee of Town Donations and Water and Sewer Commissioner. He was a state representative in 1886 and 1887 and state senator from 1889 to 1890.

Hosmer’s son, Henry Hosmer Jr., inherited this house after his father died, and Junior’s widow, Edna Hudson Hosmer, after that. Edna later married Irving B. Howe of Monument Street.

After 1905, no Hosmers lived here. Instead Edna apparently rented out the house.

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