Olmstead House

Former Mayor of Spokane, Washington, Dr. E.D. Olmstead was also the president of the Cheney Normal School, which later became Eastern Washington University.

He had this house ā€” which features a two-story window and multi-gabled roofline ā€” built in 1899.

According to a 2004 story in The Spokesman-Review, the house became dilapidated after being turned into apartments and had parts of its facade covered up.

But it was rescued by a couple who moved to Spokane from Denver to escape high costs and congestion. After booking a weekend trip to Spokane, they looked at the Olmstead House that same weekend and bought it for $100,000.

They made some modern updates, while resuscitating details such as intricate inlays in its oak floors, and the porcelain tiles on its fireplaces, one of which is in the second-story turret that was transformed into a small library off the master bedroom.

In all, they spent about $100,000 bringing this beauty back to life. It’s located in the Browne’s Addition National Historic District.

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