Dalton House

If ever there were a house made for parties, this is it. In the basement of this 1913 Sacramento mansion is a 1,200 square foot, fully-sprung ballroom dance floor that dates back to its build.

The Dalton House was built for Edward F. Dalton, vice-president/treasurer for California State Life Insurance Company.

Dalton was one of the wealthiest men in the city, paying about $25,000 for this home, which was designed by Seadler and Hoen Architects using Prairie style and Colonial Revival elements.

“A sprung dance floor in your house meant you had some money,” local historian William Burg told the Sacramento Press in a 2012 story. “Having enough space to have that and entertain meant you were someone notable.”

Such a feature was advantageous regardless of who was using it. “People on the dance floor could dance, and their feet would ache less,” Burg said. “When they were in businesses, it meant people could dance longer and buy more drinks. In a private home, it was more for comfort.”

Its owner in 2012, Jim Betzing, said the basement has been used for many things in its time, including an alcoholic rehab center, a community center, a dance floor (obvs), a polling place and a space for antique fairs.

Betzing and his wife, Gayle, also used to host Thanksgiving dinners for the homeless, which had seating for about 100 people.

According to Zillow, the house has nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms and nearly 11,500 square feet.

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