Patsy Clark Mansion

This 1897 stunner was built for Spokane mining millionaire, Patrick (Patsy) Clark and his family, which included his wife, Mary, and six children.

Spokane’s most prolific and celebrated architect, Kirtland K. Cutter, designed the house to be “the most luxurious mansion ever” after being directed by the owner.

Cutter traveled the world, collecting materials and furnishings for the house. Exterior sepia sandstone is from Italy, the brick was made in St. Louis, Mo., and the stained glass windows were made by Louis Comfort Tiffany in New York City.

Irish-born Clark lived in the 12,000 square feet mansion until his death in 1915 and his wife, Mary, remained in the house until 1926. Eugene Enloe, an investor, purchased the house and sold it by 1950. It was deteriorated by the 1970s and narrowly escaped demolition. The mansion served as the Francis Lester Inn, a restaurant and event house until 1982.  It was then restored as the super fancy Patsy Clark’s Restaurant, which it remained for 20 years.

Tales say the mansion is haunted, with playful spirits that inhabited the wine cellar, annoying restaurant employees by tossing wine bottles and other objects from the room. Cold and drafty spots have also been noted there.

The mansion went through several owners in the late 20th century, and is currently the home of the law firm, Eyman, Allison, Fennessy, Hunter and Jones.

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

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