Catharine Lorilland Wolfe House

This house was built in the 1860s for Daniel Edgar of New York, who made it his summer home for eight seasons. It was designed by noted local architect, author and early preservationist, George C. Mason, and was originally embellished with mid-Victorian period details, including broad piazza or veranda.

in 1872, Edgar sold the property to Catharine Lorilland Wolfe, who occupied the house until 1883 when she built Vinland on Ochre Point Ave.

Miss Wolfe became intrigued by Viking legends surrounding Old Stone Mill which she could see in Touro Park from her front window. Vinland was named for the unknown locations mentioned in the Norse sagas of exploration in the New World.

Miss Wolfe inherited a large fortune from her father and became a benefactor of religious and other charities. She left her art collection to the Metropolitan Museum of Art when she died in 1887.

In 1948, the house was purchased by Cornelius Moore, who remodeled the exterior in 1949-1950, removing its Italianate trim and replacing it with Neo-Federal detail. Moore was a well-known local lawyer and collector of silver made my Newport silversmiths who worked at the same time as more well-known Townsend and Goddard colonial furniture making families.

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