Philip Call House

Built by cordwainer Philip Call, this two-story timber frame First Period house was built around 1659, and enlarged around 1725.

After Philip Call’s death in 1662, his widow, Mary married Henry Bennet. She also owned the adjoining lot that was the home of Joseph Bolles. Philip Call’s son inherited his cattle and the like, and their daughter continued to live in the house into the 1700’s.

Over four generations, the property has been adapted during various periods to include at least 12 rooms.

When the house was purchased in 1967, the owners uncovered a chamfered 17th century summer beam and field paneling behind newer walls. The Victorian paneling which covered these earlier panels was removed and is still in storage.

The 26-High Street Preservation Agreement (“covenant”) for the Philip Call House does not permit any alterations to be made to the front and side exterior of the building, the central frame, the wooden architectural elements, paneling, mantelpieces, doors and other molded detail on the first and second floor inner walls of the original (one over one) 1659 dwelling.

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26 High St. Ipswich Philip Call house

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