Fort Adams

Happiest first birthday to our sweet friend, Callie, who gave us a tour around Fort Adams last spring when we visited Newport, Rhode Island! We hope you have a wonderful day, pretty girl.

Named for President John Adams, who authorized its construction, Fort Adams was established July 4, 1799. As a former United States Army post, its first commander was Captain John Henry, who was later instrumental in starting the War of 1812.

The massive structure cost around $3 million and took 33 years to build, and was built by the same Irish laborers who built the Catholic church in which Senator John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier were married.

Since the structure faced both land and sea on Aquidneck Island, it was designed for defense from any side. It was able to mount 468 guns around the perimeter of more than 1700 yards. During a time of war, it could house 2400 soldiers if necessary.

Over the years, it continued to evolve for the times. The Army used the fort until after World War II until 1953, when the Navy took charge of the site. The Navy eventually reduced its force in the sea and the state of Rhode Island acquired the main structure and outer areas in 1965.

It is now a state park that also houses the Eisenhower house.

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