Wright-Streeter House

The Wright-Streeter House in Lexington, Mass., appears to have been built around 1850.

The 1853 town map indicates the house was owned by Luke Wellington Wright (1821-1888), while an 1889 map shows this as one of two side-by-side houses owned by his widow, Abigail Estabrook Wright.

By 1894 this house was occupied by George H. Streeter, who was born in Roxbury in 1860 and came to Lexington in 1887. That same year, he married the Wrights’ daughter, Alice.

Streeter, who operated a kitchen furnishings store on Boylston Street in Boston, made many improvements while living there.

The latest was described by the Lexington Minute-man on April 8, 1905: “The old Wright place opposite the Battle Green, now owned by George H. Streeter and which has been so improved as to almost lose its old-time identity, is having its piazza area still further increased to take in quite a large area of space.”

George and Alice Streeter were still living here in 1942.

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