Joshua Simonds House

Some dear friends of ours live in the gorgeous Joshua Simonds house in Lexington, Mass.

The house was likely built around 1830 by Joshua Simonds (1770-1858), who operated the Simonds Tavern from 1802-1828. The north end of the tavern was built by his father, also Joshua, in 1795. Joshua Jr. added the sounds end in 1810.

It is thought that Joshua Jr. lived at the tavern when he ran it, but according to Lexington assessor’s records, he owned two houses in 1831: the tavern, and presumably this one.

The Simonds family owned the house until 1872, and the following year, it was purchased by Alvan Whittaker. The Whittaker family owned it into the 20th century.

The house and the tavern used to be near each other on Bedford Street, but the residence was moved in 1950 to allow for highway on and off ramps to be built as Route 128 was being constructed.

Photographs taken at the time show that the house, along with two rear additions and side porch, was moved on the back of a flatbed truck.

It now belongs to an amazing family who takes beautiful care of the home, and it is a favorite gathering places for friends and family during the holidays and summer.

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