William Tuttle House

Happy Saturday! The William D. Tuttle House is one of the finest examples of Italianate architecture and detail in the town of Acton, MA.

Family history states that there was a saltbox on this site until it burned in the mid 1800s.

Horace Tuttle (1800-1875) bought this farm in 1822 from Theodore Reed. By the mid 19th century, maps indicate that Tuttle owned this property and the one across the street.

In 1860, he transferred this property to his son, William Davis Tuttle (1825-1919), who in 1859 married Elizabeth Noyes (1832-1896). The present house was built by William, who was an active member of the Acton community. He served as town clerk from 1854 to 1896, was a respected farmer, electeed to the State Legislature in 1856, and served as one of the founding trustees of the Library. He was also a pillar of the Congregational Church.

William’s son, named Horace after his father, continued in his footsteps as Town Clerk and State Legislator, and was equally as respected.

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