Captain Mayo Gerrish House

Next week, we are moving to California. One thing we are really going to miss about New England is this weathered-shingle look on houses so often seen in coastal towns.

We one thousand percent love this. (And don’t worry, we have a few hundred more New England houses still to come before our history transitions more to the West Coast.)

Anyhoo, this is the Captain Mayo Gerrish House, built around 1800 in Newburyport, Mass. Gerrish (1767-1809) was a shipmaster and only lived to be 41 years old. He is buried in the First Parish Burying Ground in Newbury, Mass.

One comment

  1. I will miss your New England postings – happy you have more left to put on your website.
    Snickers, I wish you and your Mom many new adventures as you move West. Happy travels! Woof!


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