Newport Harbor Light

Constructed in 1823 on Goat Island, this light was the first built to guide mariners into Newport, Rhode Island and the fourth to be built in the state. The original lighthouse was replaced with the current one in 1865 and is still active.

Originally, the structure was attached to a two-story lightkeeper’s dwelling, but the house was torn down in 1922 after being struck by a submarine from the U.S. Naval Torpedo Station in 1921.

With the keeper’s quarters gone, the it began using electricity and was manned by military personnel at the torpedo station.

In 1963, it became automated and is still in use today. The light is a well-known landmark that can be seen from both Newport and the by those crossing the nearby bridge, and also looks quite beautiful at sunset.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

I also met my Instagram friend, Callie, in real life! She and her mom showed us some cool parts of Newport during our visit.

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