Dunn Mansion

It’s hard to go wrong when you start your morning with a pastel mansion on a sunny day!

Built in 1899, this is the Dunn Mansion in Sacramento, Calif.

“This colonial style revival structure was built in 1900 for Chauncy H. Dunn and his family. Mr. Dunn was a prominent attorney, who represented several important clients including the William Land estate. The building was originally located on Capitol Avenue and was moved here in 1976. Following an extensive refurbishing, the mansion won an architectural award. It is registered as an historical building by the city of Sacramento.”

This sprawling house is a sight to behold, and has all kinds of lovely stained glass windows on different sides of the home.

Side and back view


  1. This is (was) what the family eventually called “Aunt Winnie’s house” – Winifred Dunn. She was a spinster and never married. Her father Chauncy built it. I grew up there-was there all the time.

    There used to be a multi-room basement before the house was moved and an entrance to the basement in the backyard where coal was delivered. I still have piece of the coal I found down there when I was young.

    That side entrance was a servant’s entrance. The original color of the house was yellow, with white trim. But it’s been blue ever since the family sold it and it was refurbished.

    The backyard had a small garage on the alley that was built to just hold a Model-T.

    Beautiful pictures!

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