Henry D. Piper House

This 1905 house in Lexington, Mass., was designed by architect Willard Brown, who was also responsible for the town’s Cary Memorial Library.

According to its entry in the Massachusetts Registry of Cultural Resource Information System:

“Frank D. Brown, an insurance agent, was Willard Brown’s oldest brother. Willard Brown began practice in 1902. In the next four years he designed houses in Lexington for himself and two of his brothers. The information that this house was built by F.D. Brown comes from reminiscences by Willard Brown’s daughter. It may well be that Frank Brown gave his brother the commission, but did not live there immediately, for Henry S. Piper, a traveling salesman, is listed as the occupant in 1906.”

Later research indicates Brown never lived here, and that Piper and his family were the original owners. Piper, who previously owned two homes in the Jason district of Arlington, Mass., lived here until 1913.

The house has five bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and has 5200+ square feet.

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