‘Full House’ House

The iconic red doors have changed, but the infamous facade featured in the opening credits of “Full House,” and later, “Fuller House,” is still a tourist attraction in San Francisco.

Built in 1883, the house was designed by Charles Lewis Hinkel.

While the outside is etched into memory banks everywhere, the interior scenes were all filmed elsewhere — at Warner Bros. studios in Burbank.

However, the show’s creator, Jeff Franklin, purchased the San Francisco home in 2017 for $4 million, with the idea to replicate the home you see on TV.

The notion of re-creating the interior (and maybe even offering tours) worried neighbors at the time. They had already been overrun by tourists for years, and were seeing even more traffic due to Fuller House, which was on air from 2016-2020. Full House was on air from 1987-1995.

“We love “Full House” but it’s creating quite an issue with fan traffic and it’s hard to back out of my driveway now, ” neighbor Andrea Scott Finney told abc7news in a 2017 story.

Neighbors were also upset with traffic jams, double parking, loitering and littering. There was even a car accident once, neighbors said.

In the end, Franklin wound up doing upgrades and opening the floor plan. It sold last October for $5.3 million.

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