Redman House

While there are differing reports of when this house was built (we’ve seen 1886 in some records, but it obviously says 1891 on the actual house), the Redman House in Lexington, Mass., was erected by Abram G. Washburn, one of Lexington’s most prominent contractors.

He built another nearly identical house elsewhere in town.

According to an entry on the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System, in 1890, Allston Monroe Redman, who worked in Boston, moved to this house with his family.

His daughter, Edith, kept a diary during their early years in the town, and her writings now belong to the Lexington Historical Society. Edith wrote about her activities when she was in her early 20s, but only makes passing reference to the house.

These days, it has a stellar view of the gorgeous Hancock School-turned-condos and is just a hop, skip and a jump from the beautiful Cary Memorial Library.

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