George Sohier House

The George Sohier house was built in 1894-1895 on the last open house lot on the lower section of Main Street in Concord, Mass.

The parcel had belonged to the Cheney family for many years , and had been what John Cheney had loved to call, after reciting a long syllogism about Concord’s place on the globe, “the pleasantest and best field in the world.”

George D. Sohier (1845-1923) bought the parcel from Cheney’s daughter, Caroline, and hired John Haskell — a waterworks superintendent turned building contractor — to build his new house.

Sohier is a bit of a mystery man, but he lived here until his 1923 death. Several others, mostly family members, are listed as living here over the years, too. Among them were his sons, Frederick; Louis and Walter Sohier, both mechanical engineers; artist Alice Ruggles Sohier (Louis’ wife); and Jeanette Sohier, a teacher and evidently George’s daughter.

Also listed here in the early part of this century was artist Frederick A. Bosley (ca . 1910), an eminent portrait painter, who married George’s daughter, Emily.

After George Sohier died, the property was acquired by William and Helen Wadsworth. They appear to have come to Concord from New York; Mr. Wadsworth was a trust officer.

In 1973, Concord Academy purchased the property. It became the home for the headmaster — known as Whitfield House — in 1977.

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