John Mulliken House

It’s so fun when dogs are willing to show off their historic homes! These blond pooches were pretty vocal about us passing by, so we decided they could do the honors instead of us stopping to pose.

Built in 1795, the John Mulliken house was a source of contention when it was erected. The neighbors talked a little smack about its owners, John and Lydia Mulliken, calling the costly house an extravagance.

It is built upon the foundation of the Raymond Tavern, an unsuccessful tavern that had been run by John Raymond.

Raymond, who was disabled, was killed trying to defend the Munroe Tavern on April 19, 1775, after the British attacked and sent Mrs. Munroe and her children fleeing into the woods.

In 1776, Lydia Mulliken bought the tavern and John used some of the original wood to build the new home.

While the house was being built, the Mullikens lived in his cabinet shop, which is now a barn behind the house.

John was the son of clockmaker Nathaniel Mulliken (1722-1777), who came to Lexington from Newburyport in 1751. Clockmaking was complex process, requiring the skills of a cabinetmaker, machinist and carpenter. Nathaniel Mulliken was a rock star at his job and made clocks that are still enjoyed by connoisseurs today.

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