Phinneas Hemmenway House

Carpenter Phinneas Hemmenway built this house for himself in 1796 in Kennebunk, Maine.

When Hemmenway left for eastern Maine in 1810, he sold it to Joseph Porter, who added an ell and a barn. Porter was in the tin business.

Porter’s son, Horace, built a grand, still-standing dwelling in Kennebunk, which we featured last year.

According to town records, the Hemmenway house has 3,500+ square feet, four bedrooms and three bathrooms. A previous real estate listing says it has been professionally restored, with all its original doors, fireplaces, woodwork and floors. It also has an in-ground heated pool out back.

Note: We have also seen his last name spelled several different ways, including Hemminway. Not sure which is correct.

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