Ebenezer Hartshorne House

Won’t Look Wednesday is a thing on Instagram dog accounts, and today we have a perfect contribution for that theme.

I was clearly done posing after a long walk around Wakefield, Mass., so mom said this was good enough and let me be.

Built in 1804, the Ebenezer Hartshorne house was built by Francis Hay, a cabinet-maker whose father was Dr. John Hay.

After a while, Hay sold half of the house to his widowed sister, Elizabeth Hay Nichols, and the other half to Ebenezer Hartshorne. Ebenezer was brother to Col. James Hartshorne, who lived across the street, in what is now the oldest building in Wakefield.

Ebenezer eventually acquired the entire house, living there for about 50 years.

The barn on this property was used by John Miniken, a “wheelwright and carriage maker,” in the early 19th century.

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