Whittemore House

Our family is packed with Aries, y’all! On the heels of my grandma’s birthday yesterday, today is my human sister’s 9th birthday.

Her favorite color is yellow, so we got decked out in our bee bandana and returned to a street we’ve walked before, specifically to get better shots of the Whittemore House when the trees weren’t hiding its features.

Built in 1887, the home belonged to one of the developers of the Newton Highlands, Samson D. Whittemore, a carpet dealer. Along with Charles W. Farnham, Whittemore bought a 38 acre parcel of land in the 1870s and developed it into a grid of streets and lots.

Whittemore worked in Boston, but by 1880, real estate became lucrative enough that he made that his full-time job. He and his wife, Anna, lived in this home for many years.

Happy birthday, sister! And guess what? My birthday, and then my dad’s, are coming up soon, too! Told ya it was Aries season.

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