Goin Bailey House

Built in 1839, the Goin Bailey House is still a striking presence in Natick, Mass.

Bailey ran the Inn and Express Company, a famous resort for Wellesley and Boston parties during its heyday. The Old Tavern was also located there, which Bailey operated from 1849 until his death in 1875.

Built in 1782, the original Old Tavern burned down in an 1872 fire that took out the entire South Natick business district. The following year, though, he built Bailey’s Hotel.

Goin and his wife, Mary, had two children: Almond (1843-1907) and Emma (1851-1940). After Goin’s death, his son, Almond, ran Bailey’s Hotel until 1908, when it was sold to Mrs. Robert G. Shaw.

Unfortunately, the hotel was torn down in 1930 due to mismanagement. However, Bailey’s legacy lives on in this gorgeous home on a thriving intersection in south Natick.

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