Wellington House

This 1840 dwelling was the first house that David A. Tuttle built in Lexington, Mass. Tuttle, who eventually built 39 homes in the town over five decades constructed this one for himself.

Those kids over there are much more interesting than you, mom.

By 1853, he had sold it to Augustus and Tryphena Wellington. Reportedly a pretty popular guy around town, Augustus (1807-1886), like his nearby cousins, had a milk business.

Originally located on Mass Ave., the main street in town, the Wellington house was moved to its current location in 1892 in order to make room for Hancock Church.

While the Wellington house is now covered in aluminum siding, it retains all its other original design details. It has 6 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and 4,575 square feet. It last sold in 1987 for $409,000.

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