Spirited Queen Anne

This is mom’s first post from her visit to Sacramento, Calif., which is still underway. (I am at home with my dogsitter, but with Mom in flattened form, taped to the back of a picnic fork for photos. For the Sacramento posts, we’ll use #snickersonastick.)

So on to this house: According to the Sacramento Register of Historic Places, this Queen Anne beauty was built around 1895-1900. But it was definitely there in 1902, when a Mrs. J.L. Tucker was listed as a resident in the 1902 Sacramento Blue Book.

Mom spotted the owner outside this house and chatted him up, asking a few questions about the home. Thankfully, he happily indulged her, even calling his wife outside to offer more information.

He believed the house was a kit home, but wasn’t positive. Before he bought it in 1974, the house had been condemned, but ultimately saved by the historic commission. Over the years, the current resident restored it. I assumed there was a marriage in there somewhere, because his wife said she moved here in 1983.

She went on to tell me that one day, a taxi pulled up out front holding elderly woman, likely in her 90s. The woman said she had grown up in the home, and asked if she could come inside and see it. The couple gave her a tour, and she told them some information from its early days, including that two people had died there.

That could help explain the other-worldly resident(s) here. The house, she says, is haunted. The spirit(s), she says, seem harmless and happy. Sometimes you can simply feel it (or them), but apparitions also pop up on occasion.

And she’s not the only one who believes it. With no prior knowledge of the house, at least two workers who visited thought so, too. A plumber came to do some work one day, and asked her if the house had spirits because he could see a Victorian-era dressed woman staring at them. A landscaper also told her he felt a presence at the property, but said it was peaceful.

As for the exterior, the couple recently stripped the house before painting it and in so doing, found several paint colors underneath. When they got to the bottom, the discovered that the paint color they chose was also its original color. Meant to be!

The stained glass window in front is original to the house.

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