Alfred Danforth House

Imagine our surprise to see our old address listed the National Register of Historic Places! Except, we had the address in a different town. But still. Nostalgia. So we knew we had to check it out.

The Alfred Danforth House in the Woburn Street historic district Reading, Mass., was built in 1889. It is significant as one of Reading’s nicer Queen Anne houses, in part due to its surface detail, recessed stucco sunburst, elaborate porch banisters as well as its variations of shape.

Its namesake, Danforth, worked for the Boston & Maine Railroad, which did a lot to transform Reading from a rural town to a suburb of Boston. A spirited public man, Danforth was elected in 1903 to the position of Town Clerk and a post on the Board of the Laurel Hill Cemetery.

The house was added to the Historic Register in 1984.

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