Amos Muzzey House

The Amos Muzzey house in Lexington, Mass., has been moved twice since it was built around 1750, and had occupants that fought in both the American Revolution and the Civil War.

It was originally in the path of British, who marched into Lexington and raided the house on April 19, 1775. They broke windows, a mirror, china, and dressed their wounded men in the parlor. They also fired three bullets into the walls, which were recovered during an 1815 repair of the house.

Years later, it was moved to a different street.

George Dennett left it in 1861 to fight the Civil War. He was captured and interned in the prison camp at Andersonville, Georgia, but survived and returned to practice his carpenter’s trade for many years.

Dennett’s son-in-law bought it in 1894 and moved it to its current location, on one Lexington’s historic streets. He also bought and built the house next door, which still remains.

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