Charles H. Devereux House

We were driving to our planned walk in Arlington, Mass., and careened to the side of the road at the sight of this house, which wasn’t even on our radar.

Built in 1893, in Arlington, the Charles H. Devereaux House “is the architectural swan of Pleasant Street, a stunning, full-blown example of a Queen Anne probably directly inspired by contemporary English work,” says its entry in the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System.

Devereaux, a grocer and a partner in a wholesale liquor company, lived here for 30 years. The house later served Mystic Valley Mental Health Center Dormitory.

With 15 bedrooms and four bathrooms and 6,352 square feet, the house has 15 fireplaces and natural woodwork. It last sold for $1.64 million dollars in 2016.

Currently, it appears be getting some TLC to its exterior, with work happening on its side and back.

It is a significant property within the Arlington Center Historic District and the Pleasant Street Historic District.

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