White Columns

Once known as “The Nott House,” this grand 1853 Greek Revival mansion in Kennebunkport, Maine, is now called “White Columns.”

The Kennebunkport Historical Society’s premier property, White Columns was owned by the same family for 130 years. It serves as a bit of a time capsule, still boasting the original furnishings, and offering tours (during non-pandemic times) through seven different rooms, telling the story of the Perkins-Nott family who lived here.

“The tour includes a brief history of Kennebunkport, its shipbuilding and maritime traditions, and the important connection between the house and the family of Presidents H.W. and George W. Bush who have summered in Kennebunkport for generations,” says the official website.

Also located here, is the First Families Museum, which features photos, memorabilia and exhibits of the Bush family and their time in this charming town.

The house was built for Charles Perkins, one of Kennebunkport’s most prominent residents during the shipbuilding era.

It became known as the Nott House, after Charles’ wife, Celia Nott Perkins. Members of Nott family continued to live in the until 1980, when it was given to the Kennebunkport Historical Society.

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