Mark Temple House

Originally built around 1753 by Jonathan Temple, this house is significant as both an early home in Reading, Mass., and its association with the prominent Temple family, who owned a lot of land and a few different houses in the area.

Jonathan was a deacon. Daniel Temple Jr. was a shoemaker, and after experiencing a religious awakening, became missionary in Malta in 1820.

“Uncle Mark” inherited this house in 1836, remodeling it in 1856. In addition, Mark broke away from his father’s church and helped form the Bethesda Church in 1839, and served as a town selectman in 1855.

His wife, Sarah, was active in the Reading Female Antislavery Society, which formed in 1833. She was an original member of Father Kemp’s Old Folks concert singers. Kemp lived just down the street, and his house will appear here in a coming post.

Oscar Foote bought the house in 1863, and also owned the house across the street for a time, which is coming in a later post.

At more than 4400 square feet, the Mark Temple home has five bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms. It last sold in 1996 for $230,000, and is currently valued at $1.190 million.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

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