Thankful for Beauty

Happy, happy Thanksgiving, y’all! It’s a great day to eat your feelings while appreciating the small things that have gone right in 2020.

You may need to dig deep for that last one.

Anyway, located next to the Capt. John Dennett House, this stately Federal style home in York, Maine was too pretty to pass without a picture.

Here’s what we could find: Built in 1789, this enormous dwelling has 6,389 square feet, five bedrooms and 4.5 bedrooms.

It last sold in 2007 for a million dollars, and is currently appraised for $1,056,100.

We’d love to know the history behind this beauty. Or even get a little closer to see the details, but I believe they call that trespassing. 😆

May your Thanksgiving be as wonderful as when my mom “accidentally” drops some turkey pieces on the floor. We are so grateful for you!

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