Capt. John Dennett House

This stunning 1889 Victorian structure was first built in York, Maine, (at half this size) by Captain John Dennett, who worked for the federal government in a department that would become the U.S. Coast Guard.

Owned by several families over the years and formerly known as “The Ice House,” this beauty in 2010 received a $1 million dollar makeover, restoring its late 1800s character and doubling the square footage. The parking lot was moved to the back in order to accommodate lush landscaping that lets the house pop.

The co-owners — two York developers who wanted to refurbish it to its full potential — knew it would complement York’s historic area of town.

“I see it as an icon in the center of town,” co-owner David Ferland said in a 2010 news story, prior to the restoration. “I think a lot of residents in town have a connection to the building. People in town value history.”

Now a commercial office space, the property was renamed for its original builder and owner, Captain John Dennett.

After Dennett, the home changed hands several times before eventually being sold at auction, then put up for sale once again.

That’s when Ferland and Larry Schoff jumped on it, and the rest is history.

For a more detailed history of the property, click the link we included up above.

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