George Dutton House

Some lucky friends of ours live in the George Dutton House in Bedford, Mass. Located in the heart of Bedford’s historic district, the house says c. 1828 on its signage, but town records indicate it was built around 1790.

With five fireplaces, wide pine floors and intricate moldings and built-ins, as well as tasteful updates and additions, the Dutton House is a lovely combination of past and present.

When the current owners created an addition over the garage, they added a horse weathervane atop the cupola as an ode to Dutton, who was a blacksmith.

The added horse weathervane on the cupola is a tribute to the home’s original owner, George Dutton, a blacksmith.

One of our favorite things about this house, besides the family that lives there, are remnants of the Rufus Porter murals that still adorn the staircase walls. (Porter was an American painter, inventor and the founder of Scientific American magazine, which is still in print today.)

A breezeway between the house and garage was added, as well as the extra bedroom above the garage.

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