Capt. Robert Fuller House

The oldest house in Needham, Mass., the Robert Fuller house was built in 1707, and took six years to complete.

Fuller was a prominent resident from an early area family, and fought in the Revolutionary War.

At first, the house was believed to have two rooms on each of its two stories, which were used as a parsonage. Religious services were held there each week, with a man from Harvard preaching there. He paid a whopping six cents for Capt. Fuller to feed him and his horse each weekend.

In 1750, the house was moved down the street so that a second Fuller residence could be constructed. In 1766, it was used as a school.

Six generations of Robert Fullers lived here, until the Greenwood family purchased it in 1823. They lived there until 1896.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

The home has a classic saltbox profile.

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