General Samuel Chandler house

Although this shot is not perfect, we were lucky to get this photo of the General Samuel Chandler house on Meriam Hill in Lexington, Mass.

You see, about .01 second after mom snapped this, a cat came out of the bushes and I (obviously) lost all concentration for posing. Luckily, my mom got to me before I took off after the cat. This is why my leash is always attached during photos. My affinity for critter-chasing gets the best of me sometimes.

Anyhoo, back to this beautiful house. Built in 1847 by architect Isaac Melvin for Chandler, this 4000+ square foot Italian villa is more stunning in person than you can possibly imagine.

Chandler (1765-1867) fought in the war of 1812, ending the battle as a first lieutenant. Afterward, he worked at a grocery store and managed an inn before gaining prominence in the town, eventually becoming a justice of the peace, trial justice and a sheriff. He lived in the house from 1847 until he died in 1867.

With 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, two chimneys, two open verandas and infinite charm, Chandler’s home is a visit we’ll make again, just to take in its beauty. It last sold in 1991 for $515,000, but was recently assessed for $1.8 million. Way out of our price range, but my mom is obsessed with it anyway.

The Lexington, MA website includes many more details about the house.

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