Eaton Houses

During the 1930s, Harry Eaton, who lived in one of these houses in Truckee, California, would ski to Tahoe City to deliver mail when trains got stuck in Truckee. How’s that for ambition?

Originally built by Edward Brickell around 1880 these buildings served as the Truckee Lumber Company store.

Harry Eaton, Brickell’s son-in-law was a longtime railroad engineer, took up residence here. His son, also named Harry (the one who skied), grew up in the house and graduated Truckee schools. He went on to be a bus driver and mechanic for the schools and, when the district unified, he was appointed Superintendent of Transportation, a job he held for 18 years. He was active in civic affairs and played roles in some of the early films made in Truckee. 

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