Steel Bridge

We stayed on the waterfront during our recent trip to Portland, Ore., and were treated to this glorious sunrise against the backdrop of the historic Steel Bridge.

According to signage along the walking path, the original bridge was as follows: “First bridge across Willamette River. Located at the foot of W Morrison Street, Dedicated April 12, 1867.

Wooden truss swing span bridge. Longest bridge West of the Mississippi. Operated manually by two men on calm days; four men when windy.

One way toll bridge. Horse drawn rig, 15 cents. Team of horses, 20 cents. Pedestrian 5 cents. Became toll free in 1895.”

The current bridge — built in 1912 — was built in part to host the electric streetcar lines, a purpose that continued until 1948.

When the bridge celebrated its 100th birthday in 2012, The Oregonian called it the “hardest-working” bridge on the Willamette River: “Cars, trucks, freight trains, buses, Amtrak, MAX, pedestrians, bicycles — you carry it all.”

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