Hocus Pocus House/Edmund Balcomb House

Believe it or not, we hadn’t been to the Hocus Pocus house when we lived in Mass., but we made a trek there during our summer visit with Snickers on a Stick. It was fitting that it was a gross, rainy day. And also 100 percent unsurprising that several people were lined up on the street to capture a photo of it also.

In fact, one guy rolled down his window as I shot my photo and yelled, “HOCUS POCUS! YEAH!” It was hilarious. Anyhoo, here it is on a brooding day.

But before it was a famous movie house, it was the Edmund P. Balcomb house. Built in 1870, the home and the one adjacent to it was owned by Balcomb, a carpenter. He was associated with the firm, Balcomb Bros., founded by his older brother, Henry.

Natives of Nova Scotia, the brothers settled in Salem in the mid 19th-century.

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