Buckley Schoolhouse

We were so happy that our friend Axle shared his recent trip to the Buckley Homestead Living History farm in Lowell, Indiana!

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it originally belonged to the Buckleys — Irish immigrants who moved to the US during the 18th century.

The built this site into a 150-head dairy farm, selling their milk to markets in Chicago for four generations.

Axel’s picture is at the on-site schoolhouse. According to signage: “The original Buckley Schoolhouse built on this site, used for classes 1850s-1922, was moved southwest three miles to use for farm storage and later torn down. This replica uses bricks from the original foundation along the front.

Southern Lake County one-room schools near 1900 are portrayed here. The number of pupils ranged from about 30, dwindling down to about 12 in 1919.

The pupils from all eight grades walked the one to two miles to school with the occasional ride during bad weather. Teachers were all men in the early days, but by 1900, single women began to outnumber the men.

In 1911, the average wage for Lake County one-room school teachers was about $3.03 per day.”

Going somewhere historic? Take a photo of your canine friend there and send it to us, along with an address. We’ll do the research and would love to collaborate!

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