Green Majors House

This stunner of a home, built in 1891, was another creation of architect/builder Joseph A. Leonard in Alameda, California.

A reference book, “Documentation of Victorian and Post Victorian Residential and Commercial Buildings City of Alameda 1854-1904,” indicates the original owner was Green Majors, who was involved in real estate and mines in San Francisco.

I can’t imagine there are too many dudes named Green Majors alive in that town during that time. Some online research indicates this may have been Judge Greene Majors, who — fun fact — was friends with Buffalo Bill Cody and, during his 60 years in California, became the publisher of newspapers in Visalia and Santa Cruz.

He later went on to become a city councilman and mayor of Alameda. His father, meanwhile, operated one of the earliest Pony Express lines between St. Joseph, Mo., and California.

If there are indeed two Green Majors that lived in Alameda, they both had pretty cool lives. And if one guy did all this stuff? Rock star status!

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