Tower Bridge

Pretty much everyone knows the Golden Gate Bridge is in San Francisco, but if you live in Sacramento, you know the Tower Bridge is the star of the show in the California state capital.

And for the record, it’s really hard to get a great photo of the bridge and Snickers together without the railing getting in the way or getting smashed by a car. But since he can’t levitate, propping up on the bench was the best option. šŸ˜†


During the 1930s, more and more people used cars for transportation versus trains and ships. To accommodate more travelers on M Street, which was a main thoroughfare to Highway 40 (now Capitol Ave and State Route 275), the previous bridge was dismantled to make way for Tower Bridge.

Built in 1935, it sits 100 feet above the Sacramento River and is 737 feet long. It cost $994,000 to built.

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