Gable Mansion

In 1853, 19-year-old Amos Gable came from Iowa to California’s Yolo Country with Harvey Potterfield. Amos’ brother, also named Harvey, arrived in 1861 and the three became farming business partners.

Together, the trio bought the Potterfield ranch, which encompassed 8,500 acres of land, much of which was already cultivated.

Designed and built in 1885, this mansion was erected for the Gable brothers. Art historian and former UC Davis Art History professor Joseph Baird described the structure as an outstanding example of “stick vernacular.”

Amos and his wife, Mary, had one son, Hayes Gable. Amos died in 1898, with Harvey to follow in 1901. Hayes Gable then managed the estate, which remained in the family until 1973.

For many years, Myrtle and Gertrude Gable rented a second floor apartment to Harriet Stoddard Lee, the founder of Mother’s Day. Robert L. McWhirk bought the home in 1973 and worked for 25 years to diligently restore the home, which had been in disrepair for many years.

In 1997, Jeff and Starr Barrow purchased the home and completely refurbished it.

It is a designated California State Historical Landmark, and received the city’s Heritage Home award in 1989.

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